Guidelines for the space

The following guidelines and safer spaces policy were decided by people organising the space, and at a meeting inside the space, they are open to change at our open meetings.


Cuts Cafe runs on a non hierarchical, consensus model; anyone using the space has a right to input into how the space is organised at the regular open meetings. These meetings decide guidelines for the space and are used to try and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. The following safer spaces policy was agreed on by a meeting of people involved in the space.

This is an open space, and all people are welcome to attend workshops, hold meetings, and have discussions within the space. In Line with the spaces autonomous and non hierarchical structures however, political parties are not welcome to hold meetings, sell merchandise, or distribute party literature. Individuals from political parties are more than welcome to input into the space and to share their opinions.

Safer Spaces Policy

We aim to make this space as we want the world to be; people should all be treated as equals, regardless of class, race, sex, gender, sexual preference, colour, belief, age, ability, or difference.

Everyone has a right to be respected and treated equally and within the space sexist, racist, classist, ableist, homo/transphobia and other oppressive behaviours will not be tolerated and may result in a person being asked to leave.

We ask everyone to be aware of their personal privileges (such as being white, male, middle class etc) and to act against them.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe around another person in the building please talk to someone who is organising the space.

For reasons of inclusivity, security, and productivity Cuts Cafe is a drug and alcohol free space; smoking is also prohibited inside the building (excluding courtyards etc).

Some areas may be off limits as they are designated for the people who are running the space. We understand that this may be problematic or could create hierarchies, but it is important that the building is kept safe and secure in order that we can maintain the space for the full two weeks. We ask that people respect any “No Go” areas.

The only people sleeping here are those involved in the organisation of the space, or those putting on workshops/helping with up keep of the space. We regret that we cannot provide “crash space” for people, but believe that this policy is necessary to ensure safety and productivity.

If you feel able, please lend a hand with cleaning and tidying the space, as well as washing up plates and mugs.

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