14/10/2012 PM meeting

Outreach: need more people in the space! Postering organised for SOAS, UCL and Birkbeck. Postering needs to be done in local shops, by tube station, etc. People inside the space to flyer outside if its not raining whilst events are on.

Moving out the space: we’ve got a space to move the bigger items.

Kitchen: People sorted to cook Mon-Wed, need cooks Thurs and Fri. Need a gas can and water to be able to cook more (action pointed).

Excess money: decide later what to do with it, when we have a better idea whether we’ll have any or not!
Finance update: manageable, plan is to spend money on food and hopefully make some back with donations.

Representation: issues raised about a lack of inclusivity to the level we’d planned it/wanted it. Long discussion about how this could happen now, with an acknowledgement that it should be properly discussed in the after space debrief.

Other items raised: how to feed online discussions into the space; promoting the Up Close and Personal submissions.

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