While we plan the future peoples’ economy based on democratic planning (a humble proposal), unfortunately we all still need this silly means of exchange called MONEY. This project is no exception, and in fact has already had to expend quite a bit of cash. In fact as of 12th October we have already spent over £500 on getting the space ready, so far fronted kindly by individuals who are heavily involved in the space, already contributing a lot of time, effort, in some cases travel money, etc, and most of whom cannot afford not to be reimbursed eventually. Below we’ve set out our costs so far so you can see where it’s all going and why we are requesting your financial assistance. Many many thanks to those who have generously donated so far.

The most secure way for you to donate is straight to our bank account, but you can also donate to us in cash on site. If you are desperate to donate but neither of those options is suitable, please email us and we’ll see what can be done.

Bank Details

Name: Cuts Café

Sort code: 11-03-25

Account: 10293463


Just Some of our Expenses so Far:

£237 on a ‘Porta Potty’ toilet which, with our toilets being upstairs with no lift, was essential to making our space fully accessible and non-exclusionary.

£?? to have the Porta Potty professionally emptied.

£100.50 on Zipvan van hire needed for furnishing the space.

£46 on tools for making the space accessible, including building our own wheelchair ramp.

£46.50 on IT equipment for internet provision.

£35 on furniture including a fridge freezer, essential so we can store food and actually survive in the space.

£18 at least on food, when we haven’t been able to find surplus food through ‘skipping’ from supermarket bins.

£35 on printing outreach materials.

£40 on reusable whiteboard sheets for rotas, schedules and use in meetings, reducing paper usage, staying green and saving money compared to flipchart paper.

… more to come, no doubt.

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