We have made accessibility our number one priority – if we can’t get a wheelchair in, it’s not our revolution.

Using limited resources and virtually no funds, we have built a home-made ramp providing step-free access to the Ground Floor of Cuts Café. We welcome feedback from users on the suitability of the ramp, and we will endeavour to improve it if within our capacity to do so.

From the step-free entrance the main space is reached through a corridor with doorways measuring 74cm – slightly narrower than modern standard doorways.

When we occupied the building, there were no toilets on the Ground Floor and the lift in the building was not safe to use to reach other floors. We have now installed an accessible toilet on the Ground Floor for those who cannot use the stairs.

Despite our best efforts, we have not managed to make the lift safe to use.  Whilst we have two great and sizable rooms for events on the Ground Floor, not all of our events will be accessible as we have had to make the difficult decision that in order to allow all groups who have contacted us to facilitate events in the space, we must use all three storeys of the building.

However, at Cuts Café our policy is “access as priority”. If someone arrives to attend an event that is physically inaccessible to them, we will make our best efforts to re-arrange the space in order to ensure everyone is able to attend events they want to. If someone has a particular interest in an event which they cannot attend physically, but would participate in by livestream, let us know and we will prioritise it for livestreaming if we have capacity to do so.

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