What is Plan C?

Plan A = austerity

  • Austerity is the same policies as neoliberalism (cf. War on Want talk)
  • Deregulation meant banks could give out more credit to the Global North. This covered for the fact that wages were staying still or falling… for at least a bit.
  • Long struggles in the Global North and Global South left few ‘safe bets’ for investment other than housing. When housing stopped giving good returns… crisis.

Plan B = “saving” the economy

  • Government intervention in markets to increase demand and create jobs.
  • All plans (from Green New Deal to VAT reduction) still centre on profit logic, competition for scarce jobs, etc.
  • The New Deal came about because of the labour organisation at the time, nor directly repeatable without a similar level of organisation (and also it was built around exploitation of Global South resources, women etc.)

Plan C = the way forward

  • People are dissatisfied with old political movements because they’re no longer structured to make political gains…
  • …so there is a need for any organisation that wants to be successful to devise proper strategies and plans to make austerity (a) costly (b) impossible
  • Proper planning really lacking on the radical left. Plans should be concrete, achievable, flexible plans.
  • In times of austerity, it’s even more important to address the societal rifts that capitalism creates (race, class, gender). It’s not as simple as just shouting slogans to “unite!”
  • There’s not a single strategy to move forward. Multiple strategies.
  • Create antagonistic alternatives, not just mini-utopias – go after the state and appropriate its infrastructure.
  • Should critique what counts as politics e.g. a creche for October 20th, can’t do politics on the street without considering child-care.
  • Does the group you’re in have a chance of winning? If not, what group would?
  • A single-issue campaign, no matter how intersectional its analysis, still isn’t enough on its own. Needs good linking up between a wide variety of groups.
  • Fears raised about how running public services may play into the Big Society. Solutions: (a) no-one cares about the Big Society, so don’t worry (b) as long as you keep apart from the state terms e.g. commodification and marketisation.

About Plan C

  • Membership is based in activity, no forms
  • Experimenting with non-standard organisational form
  • Not a vanguard!

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