Up close and personal: sharing your stories of the cuts

cross-posted from the Peoples Republic of Southwark

We have created a space to tell your story about how the cuts and the changes to the benefits system are affecting you, as they are affecting so many of us living and/or working in Southwark.

What is happening to so many of us right now may not necessarily be a massive surprise, not in its historic context, but still is a most invasive attack on who, how and why we are, whether we are able bodied or disabled, single or with children, working or not.

Recording peoples stories, in their own words, is incredibly important, because personal stories are what unites us, what we can all relate to. And we learn from each other, and we learn that we are not alone in this nightmare.

How has your life changed since the cuts kicked in? Are you being ‘fitted’ for work? Is your job under threat? What does it feel like when you sit at your desk at work, or when you get home? What about the people living next door?

You can send us your thoughts and share your experiences by either submitting it through ‘Submit an Article‘ or by emailing it to us to info@peoplesrepublicofsouthwark.co.uk

Your story will be anonymous unless you specifically give us a permission to publish your name.

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