Report From Yesterdays Action

We recorded audio of the Austerity and Violence Against Women talk. We also have a number of video recordings of interviews with speakers (below).

So yesterday was a big exciting day for the cafe with lots going on! The front doors were open and we had a packed program of events which drew big numbers; but the cafe aspect of the project also managed to entice lots of passers by who came to share their experiences and stories about the cuts. One trainee nurse came to share his experience of cuts to NHS funding which for him translated as the funding to his course (which was free when he started) being entirely stripped and therefore much more expensive than he had anticipated.

AT 6pm was the Austerity and Violence Against Women which was hosted by Sarah Day a caseworker from Refuge and Rowan an NHS worker. Rowan spoke about how the cuts have effected mental health, citing increased suicide rates as one example, and also presenting an argument that mental health issues should be framed in a similar way to physical disability. Sarah spoke about the serious problem of domestic violence in the U.K. citing the Housing Crisis, Cuts to Legal Aid, and Cuts to the Police as factors of austerity that will only make the situation worse.

Rowan from the NHS on how the cuts affect mental health patients

Rowan NHS from Cutscafe on Vimeo.

Sarah summarises her workshop on austerity and experiences of domestic violence by women

Sarah from Cutscafe on Vimeo.

Open mic at Cuts Cafe Part 1 from Cutscafe on Vimeo.

Open mic at Cuts Cafe Part 2 from Cutscafe on Vimeo.

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