The Doors Are Open and the Events Begin at 5pm

After some minor delays working tirelessly to prepare the space, we are pleased to announce that we are finally ready to open. Events start from 5pm tonight and people are welcome before that to come hang out, see the space, and generally get things moving.

Events happening today…

5pm-6pm– Occupy: Global Noise and Beyond
Occupy will be presenting the numerous activities planned for the autumn. Come along to find out how to take part and to have your say on what you think our next steps should be.

6pm-7pm– Robin Hood Tax presents:
Dispelling the myths of the financial transaction tax and what it could mean for the UK.

6pm-7pm– Traveller Solidarity Network
An introduction to the Fight for Sites campaign, and what the fight for Traveller’s rights has to do with cuts, housing and the Tories.

7-8.30pm – ACTION Atomic Weapons Eradication and Campaign Against Arms Trade

Update on the Space:

The space has electricity and step free access, and we aim to have most of our events on the ground floor, although because of high demand from groups to use the space we will be using other floors. Please click here for our “access as priority” policy – we ask those coming to Cuts Cafe to let us know in advance of their access requirements so we can set-up events accordingly.

We have a kitchen in the basement and some food, tea, and coffee on the ground floor. Sadly, we do not yet have full running water, but there is a disabled toilet on the ground floor, and a bucket flush toilet system in the basement for able bodied people. We are working on a kids/crèche space, but we really need input and advice about the best way to manage this. Please come today and input into the decision making process about the space!

See you tonight!

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A collection of thoughts, words, pictures, and other from various persons unknown about the struggles of everyday life. Updated Sparodically.

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