The Ramp is Built, The Doors are Open, Systems are Go! (Nearly)

It’s been a busy 24 hours at the cuts cafe, people worked tirelessly yesterday to build a wheelchair access ramp which is now fitted at the side entrance of the building (see picture below)  and means that people can enter onto the ground floor using a wheelchair. We bought a wheelchair accessible toilet today, which will arrive before events begin tomorrow evening and are hard at work cleaning, tidying and decorating and hope to open tonight for a social and film showing. 

We are also starting to think about opening the kids space and crèche, and where is the best place to put it; we have  a number of the cuts cafe team who have CRB checks and who are willing to help facilitate this, but we can only make a crèche a reality with help and input from parents, careers, and people who are experienced in working with children. 

Tonight, we are having a building a decorating night, and we would really like people to come down to the space to paint, decorate, and imagine the space as they would like it to be. We need your input to make cuts cafe everything that it can be!

Please please come  from 4pm today and help out, have fun and chat about the things we want to see… We Come from the Future to Liberate the Present, Open the Doors, Let EVERYONE in!

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