GRAND OPENING: Thursday is the day!

Our full schedule of events will start this Thursday as Cuts Café finally opens as an accessible space! From tomorrow, the space will be fully up and running, with a great schedule of workshops, film screenings, and skill-shares. Please see the full and updated list of events here. We are working really hard to reschedule postponed events.

We have a ramp for wheelchair access, home made by the Cuts Café crew. Full details of our accessibility will be put up on our website shortly.



In the meantime please come from 4pm today and get involved with a jam-packed day of DIY activities! Have a cup of tea, get to know the space, help us make it look nice, and bring down anything from our wish list

Occupying disused buildings and turning them into a fully functioning social centers is always a great experience that provides immense value to those involved as well as the wider community. In our case it has also provided an invaluable lesson in both the importance and challenges of making spaces accessible. We, perhaps naively, underestimated the work involved, but are proud of the immense effort we have made in creating a wheelchair accessible space.

We are really excited to be providing a space to both explore and build alternatives to the destructive agendas of those who appear to be more powerful. The Cuts Café provides a living example of how society is already being run by a radically different agenda. Come down and make it happen!

The Events Crew

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