Come, help and socialise!

Three solid points from this afternoons meeting…

Firstly, the Cuts Café is getting ready. There will be no events today! We are still in the construction phase. Please come down if you are willing to help us get the space fully functional for this weeks’ events.

Secondly, we are hosting a welcoming event tonight at 6pm.  It will be a chance to help clean up the space to make it ready and to socialise and meet new people. This will be good fun; bring all your mates, your mum, your nan, whoever!!

And finally, we also are looking for some material items to make Cuts Café more hospitable – your donations make this space function!! We need furniture (chairs, sofa; table, rubbish bins, etc), kitchen things (forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups,), cleaning materials (anti-bacterial, soap, paper-towels, sponges), decorative materials (posters, banner making supplies, etc), and food.

A huge Thank you in advance.


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