Stop G8 Call for Anti Capitalist Mobilisation for October 20th

#Oct20. Cut the crap. The problem is Capitalism.

CALL OUT: for a radical anti-capitalist presence on October 20th.

The TUC (Trades Union Congress) is organising a mass demonstration in London
against spending cuts and austerity. Up to a million people may take to
the streets.

We know an afternoon spent marching through the streets of London will not
force the Government to back down. This Government – like any government
– has no answers, or solutions. We need to face the real enemy:

Capitalism exploits and oppresses the many, for the interests of the few.
It is the source of countless hardships. It is the driver for climate
change, as natural resources are plundered for profit. Capitalism dictates
poverty and austerity.

Over the past 100 years, workers the world over have struggled against
capitalism, winning – with greater or lesser degrees of success – a range
of “concessions”. In the UK and Europe, for example, workers and the unemployed have won
improved wages and working conditions, pensions and the welfare state. Now
the elites are trying to claw back these hard-won gains, using the excuse
of the financial crisis they caused. But people are resisting: in work
places, within communities, on the streets.

The crisis of Capitalism is global. While we are divided and alienated by
borders, capitalism moves freely, inflicting its misery world-wide. People
across the continents of Africa, Asia, and South America have long lived at
the coal face of this destructive system. Cuts and privatisations are
imposed upon workers in the Global South to service crippling
international debt repayments mis-sold as “poverty alleviation”. Our
resistance to capitalism must also be global, linking up strikes, revolts,
and solidarity across the world.

The time to join this resistance is now. Hence the call out for a radical
presence on the streets of London 20th October. To organise for the day,
there will be open meetings held from around 5 October on at the CUTS
For further info contact:



StopG8 – StopG8 formed to prepare a massive anti-capitalist response to
the G8 summit being hosted in the Uk in 2013 and help spawn a movement. We
hope you’ll join us, starting October 20th.

Smash EDO – is a direct action campaign aimed at closing down the EDO arms
factory in Brighton –


ALARM — All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob

Frack Off

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